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christmasOne the twelfth day of Christmas...


We love Christmas! Godolphin Cross at Christmas is always special - and there are only 343 days til it's here again!

Although snow is really pretty unlikely, it's always nice to imagine sitting by an open fire, singing christmas carols and looking out of the window to see the snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve.

Kids adore Christmas. The build up, helping buy gifts, putting up the decorations, and of course Santa.They get so much joy imagining him flying around the world on his sleigh, pulled by magical reindeer, delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls.

And of course there's the shopping - some people love it, some hate it, but whether you are buying your xmas gifts in Godolphin Cross or further away, we guarantee that you'll almost run out of time.

Looking for some gift ideas? We recommend visiting our friends at Getting Personal for unique personalised Christmas presents.



Christmas quote of the day:
...Christmas Day, the 25th of December. We love it.

things to do at Christmas   things to do at Christmas


  Preparation is always key for any event - here are a few hints and tips that can set you on the path to success... that you may not have already thought about.

1) Make sure the turkey (or whatever you're cooking) will actually fit in the oven before Christmas Day. You don't want to be dealing with that at 7 o'clock in the morning.

2) Charge the battery in the camera.  The last thing you need is to take the first photo and see the battery light appear.  You should also check that you have enough space on the memory card, or enough film.

3) Buy snacks. It's not unusual for christmas lunch to take longer than planned, so make sure your guests have a few nibbles. 

things to do at Christmas   things to do at Christmas
Quick tip for a great christmas in Godolphin Cross: Turn off the TV when you're eating your lunch. It's the one time of year when there should be enough excitement and interest (plus a few bad jokes in the crackers) to keep the whole family engaged.
christmas fun   christmas fun
Of course everyone knows the obvious things at Christmas - buying presents for your loved ones (it's so hard to buy for your dad, isn't it?), picking up the christmas tree and decorating it (and then picking up the pine needles for a month), and of course sharing December 25th with your loved ones. But there are other things that you can consider to put a little twist into your festive season.

1) Give to a local Godolphin Cross charity. And we don't just mean money, think about giving your time. There are many people who could do with a little extra help at this time of year

2) Get a second job to pay for all those extra presents. Many companies take on additional workers at this time of year - the Royal Mail often offer 18,000 extra jobs, both delivering and sorting

3) Don't eat turkey. Try something else, such as pheasant, roast beef, duck or lamb. The truth is that we all eat turkey constantly throughout December and actually it can be a pretty dry eating experience with lots of cooking stress!

Whoever you hire, we recommend you take up a couple of references for local entertainers in Godolphin Cross.


We love singing at Christmas - whether it's classic songs or christmas carols - some of our favourites include Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, Santa Baby - Madonna, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town .

things to do at Christmas


things to do at Christmas
There are many reasons why Christmas is the best time of year, but our personal favourites are the presents, the food and the fun of putting up your own christmas tree and decorations. Many people choose a theme for their Christmas decorations each year, something we've adopted from America. For example, a theme might be something fun like sweets, or something more naturalistic such as wildlife.


Christmas in Godolphin Cross covers the very best of christmas in Godolphin Cross. 


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